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Fursuit heads start at $800.00


By default, all heads are built with sturdy foam base construction, all plush mouth and nose, static or following eyes, and a static jaw. The interior is fully lined for comfort and ventilation. 


Extras can be added to your head for a fee, such as:

Fan in the muzzle

Silicone/resin nose, teeth, tongue

LEDs in the eyes or elsewhere


And more!

Light partial fursuits start at $1,200.00


Light partial fullsuits come with a head, hand paws, armsleeves, and a tail.

You can also request to not have armsleeves and discount your commission by $100, or switch them to legsleeves for an extra $50.

Full partial fursuits start at $1,500.00


Full partial fullsuits come with a head, hand paws, feet paws, armsleeves, and a tail.


Legsleeves can be added for $200, torso sleeves or 3/4th suits can be discussed and are case by case.

Plantigrade fullsuits start at $2,500.00


Plantigrade fullsuits come with a head, hand paws, feet paws, a plantigrade style bodysuit, and a tail.

The zipper is located on the front unless otherwise requested and is lined to make it easier to keep fur out of the seam. 

Pockets can be added to the inside of the bodysuit to allow the carrying of phones, keys, and wallets if desired.

Zip on tails and feet can be done for a small premium to achieve a seamless look without sacrificing convenience of washing.

Padded fullsuits start at $3,000.00


Padded fullsuits come with a head, hand paws, feet paws, a digitigrade or other padded style bodysuit, and a tail.

These have the same base features and add ons as plantigrade bodysuits. 

The padding is made up of a mix of removable and sewn in padding, with removable pillows in the thighs and calves and sewn in butt padding to achieve a seamless look.