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8AM Costumes Terms of Service

Please note you must be 18 years of age or older to commission 8AM Costumes. A legal guardian is a suitable replacement if the client is underage.


Quotes and Payments

  • Quotes are valid for 3 months after they are given. It is recommended to only seek a quote if you plan to commission in this time frame.

  • Quotes are open year round. A total estimate and a downpayment will be provided. If the client wishes to go through with the commission, the downpayment must be paid at minimum to secure the slot. Costumes will NOT be added to the queue or started until paid in full.

  • 8AM Costumes only accepts payments in USD.

  • The client is aware that the 30% downpayment is nonrefundable. This downpayment secures their slot in queue and purchases materials for their costume.

  • Payments are accepted only through PayPal Invoices. If you do not have a PayPal and wish to use a credit/debit card, the invoice is still compatible with this. No account needed!

  • 8AM Costumes does accept payment plans for commissions over $500. The 30% downpayment will secure the slot. The faster the slot is paid off, the faster it can be added to the queue. Keep this in mind if you have a time sensitive deadline.


Concepts and References

  • A clear reference of the client’s design must be provided. At least two views, but if the client has something specific in mind please make it clear on the reference or commission form.

  • If a reference is needed, we can provide one starting at $100 for a two view reference with some detail shots. Please email at 8amcostumes@gmail.com if this is desired.

  • If the commission is artistic liberty, the reference will be completed once a downpayment is sent. This is included in the price of artistic liberty commissions.


Completion, Deadlines, Shipping

  • Shipping is NOT included in your quote. Shipping varies between $10-$60 average. This is fully insured, 2-3 day shipping via USPS. We do ship overseas, but be aware that it may be expensive. Buyer is responsible paying import fees and other dues. Once it is out of the US, 8AM Costumes is not responsible for the packages except for insurance collection if need be.

  • If the buyer wishes to pay for rush delivery such as one day/overnight or seeks shipping through a different company, they may request it. 

  • If the costume is lost in the mail, another will not be provided. The insurance collected will be used to refund the client in full.

  • If you have a deadline in mind, plan to have your suit's completion month to be the month before the convention. We do not accept deadlines.

  • The client will be kept fully updated with plenty of pictures about their commission. A form of communication will be decided when the client chooses to continue with their commission after receiving a quote.

  • Commissions are kept updated through the 8AM Costumes Trello. If the client is curious, they can keep an eye on projects through there as well.


Cancellations, Design Changes, Repair

  • If the client wishes to cancel a commission, they are aware that the 30% downpayment is nonrefundable. The amount of refund depends on progress on the costume.

  • If 8AM Costumes wishes to cancel a commission without a breach in contract, the entire commission will be refunded including the 30% downpayment.

  • If there is a breach in contract, the client will be given opportunity to fix it. If no fix is provided, the client will be refunded everything excluding the 30% downpayment as penalty.

  • If the suit is cancelled but has been finished, no refund may be given and the suit will be shipped out. The client is welcome to resell the costume.

  • If the client wishes to change the design drastically or completely when a downpayment is sent, a fee may be charged if materials have been purchased.

  • Work in progress pictures and updates will be provided in excess to the client. This gives many opportunity for correction as needed. If the client does not speak up or waits until the costume is finished, fees will be charged to change anything.

  • All 8AM Costumes work is given free minor repairs for life. The only thing needed is for the client to provide shipping to and from the workshop. Larger repairs or refurbishes are subject to prices and should be discussed between 8AM Costumes and the client.

  • We are happy to refurbish the work of other fursuit makers. Do contact the original maker if possible to make sure they are comfortable with this. Exceptions to this may be provided and are entirely situational.

  • If there is a problem, please speak up! We cannot fix something we don’t know about and are more than happy to work with the client for their image.


Sizing, Other

  • Depending on the commission, some form of size comparison will need to be provided. Whether it be something such as a hand tracing, some quick measurements, or a DTD will be discussed with the client when they choose to pursue a commission. Please be aware of this.

  • A breach in this contract will result in a cancellation of your commission and no refund provided. If not severe, an opportunity to fix the breach will be given.

  • 8AM Costumes reserves the right to cancel a contract if needed. If this happens, everything but your 30% deposit will be refunded promptly.


Do note that 8AM Costumes is a pet friendly household. Your costume may have exposure to cats and/or dogs.

By accepting a commission, you are aware of these terms, have read through them, and agree to adhere to them throughout your commission.


Last updated: 12/31/19

Please note that this is subject to updates and edits, whether they be policy updates or simply wording things clearer. If your commission was accepted with the previous ToS you will adhere to that, not the new.